Wo: ganz woanders!
Wann:25.06.19 um 14:00 Uhr
Kurz:food practice

food practice


14-19 pm, at Project Space Disorientation Bismarckstraße 106

Jasmina Al-Qaisi// Stephan Thierbach// Raphael Wutz

“Digesture” is a culinary imaginary exchange format that deals with sharing
sensorial, cultural, symbolic or practical knowledge related to food, feeding
and eating.

How much do we know about the things we ingest? And how much do we digest the
things we know? How we cook and where do we know that from? Where do the
ingredients come from and what other than eating them are they there for? How
about the gestures?

The three artist-researchers-foodies invite Bremeners over to sign up and put
on the plate the hows, whats, whens, with whoms of our/their eating and
culinary behaviors. Literally we will cook, read, talk and make sounds around
food and eating. The two prolonged afternoons will be sonified over a
broadcast to Radio Angrezi.

Sign up on: disorientation@posteo.de

The participants could bring cooking tool, ingredients, secret stories they
want to share and to be ready to scrutinize their food insights with others.

Jasmina Al-Qaisi is formally a visual ethnographer and a cultural
correspondent. She writes as she speaks in her own English, caught between
sound and visual poetry. She lives in Berlin hides in the archive of the art
and project space SAVVY Contemporary.

Raphael Wutz was born in Bavaria. He currently studies integrated Design at
HfK Bremen. His works asks questions related to Design Fiction including
photographs, performances, installations and food.

Stephan Thierbach was born in Berlin-Pankow, raised in listening and taught
himself sensoring world with lenses. He learned i.a. thinking in culture and
social siences and art. His practice operates with strategies of theater and
game pedagogy and public and space experiences.

Please register via: disorientation@posteo.de