Fyoelk · Weird Dust

Wo:JuZ Friesenstraße
Wann:02.11.20 um 21:00 Uhr
Kurz:Sissi & Die Chinesische Wäscherei

WEIRDDUST (Bruxelles)
Weird Dust is the project of Brussels-based producer Michael Crabbé. His music has one eye on the past but always from a futuristic point of view, a juxtaposition that’s evident throughout his productions. Soundwise, this much is true: tribal-inspired percussion is layered with heavily processed sounds sourced from analog and digital synths. Library music for the modern age that will keep resonating into time to come. Like going back to the jungle, but on another planet! Weird Dust hosts the E.A.R. party series in Brussels.

FYOELK (Antwerpen)
Fyoelk is an electronic musician, DJ and graphic artist living in Antwerp, Belgium. His playful compositions combine influences from the quirkier side of disco, house and techno, but also draw references to the adventures of the underground tape scene, Javanese gamelan, experimental electronics and new wave. Since 2007 releases of his music have been published on various international labels. In Antwerp Fyoelk is co-host of the breakdance party series Destination Earth, the annual Delta~Wave festival, active in art association Forbidden City and puts out cassettes on his own Stenze Quo imprint.